A Blessed Life

Many days I find myself driving to pick up my older boys from pre-school, while the two littlest are asleep in their car seats, pondering our monthly budget.  How do I stretch it just a little bit more?  Where is there still room to cut?  What deals do I need to seek out?  An attempt to eek out just a bit more to fulfill the newest “need.”  Lately, its for next year’s school tuition.

And then I have to stop and remind myself of the abundant blessings we have in our life.  Tuition money for the children is not really a need.  I’m a stay at home mom with two education degrees.  Home school is a perfectly viable option.  Those “needs” that I’m trying to meet financially aren’t really needs at all.  That in itself is quite the blessing. I don’t mean to be cliched but there IS a roof over our heads, however small that roof may be.  My three boys share one bedroom.  While I have visions of them as adolescents scheming up there together to build a ladder to get out their window and up to the roof so that they can set off rocket engines, I’m not entirely sure a bigger house and separate rooms would curb those adventures between brothers.   A bigger house would be nice, certainly, but it certainly isn’t a need.  Sure the grocery budget stresses me out, but when it comes down to it there IS always ‘food on the table, and generally healthy, fresh organic, GMO free, REAL food.  If I have to spend hours each week with coupons and shop multiple stores and websites, at least I have the know-how to get it done.  I have four beautiful, healthy children who always brighten up the room, if I stop running long enough to see it.  (And I’m not talking about their brightening up a room with frequent crayon wall art, that’s for another post.)  We have generally beautiful weather, a yard to enjoy those sunny days, garden space to grow as many vegetables and fruits as we can.  We are part of friendly community of local farms and businesses we can choose to support, and who provide us a healthy product like no other.  We’re members established church, a community of Christians, providing nourishment of faith as well as friends whose love and support I have only recently begun to truly realize and accept . My husband has a very steady job that gets him home nearly everyday on time for dinner.

True, its not a 5 bedroom farmhouse on 20 acres with mountain views and lake access, but it IS everything we need.  It IS a life of abundant blessings and for that I thank God daily.  Our lives are nothing if not busy, and slightly crazy, but it could all be so much harder and it isn’t.  Our problems only come because we have so many blessings and typically don’t see then for what they are.