Circus Funnies: All about jokes

Circus Boy #2 really likes attention.  He gets it any way he can, but first and foremost by (attempting) being funny.  So rather than subject ourselves, our family, our friends, his teachers and classmates to “POOPY!!!  HAHAHAHA” or “How did the alligator climb the tree into the sky and get on a really, really, really high airplane and go to the moon?  By California!! HAHAHAHAHA!!” and other things which make no sense at all and are not remotely funny, we decided to teach the boy a few jokes.  We started with these two:

1)  What game do you play with a wombat?


2) Knock-Knock, Who’s there?, Boo, Boo-who?

Don’t cry its only a joke!

Well, apparently he started to tell his teacher the wombat one, but didn’t tell her he was telling a joke, so when he asked what game you play with a wombat, she told him “I don’t want to play with a wombat!”  (Which, his retelling of, totally made me laugh.)

So he tried his jokes on us at home; the ones who taught him the jokes, mind you.  Except, that he had them a little….melded.

Mommy, what do you play with a wombat?

::sigh:: I don’t know, what?


::Pretend laughter:: interrupted by….

Don’t cry, Mommy, its only a joke!

HAHA!! ::Real laughter::  And Daddy nearly sprayed tea out of his nose.

That kid is good for a joke, even when he isn’t tell it right.

Anyone have any jokes a soon to 4 year-old would get?  He needs some new material.


Happy Monday!


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Circus Love: The little things

Stay-at-home moms (or dads) know what I mean when I say there’s a window of about 30 seconds between getting the last peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the table, and when the recipient of the first peanut butter and jelly sandwich finishes it and asks for more.  If that doesn’t happen, there’s the inevitable first catastrophic spill triggering the beginning of the clean-up routine.  During that 30 second window stay at home parents everywhere face the same fundamental dilemma; what can I make and eat for lunch in 30 seconds.  No, the handful of m&ms and swig of cold coffee are not a good option.  And granted, there will be “leftovers” consisting of crumbs and crusts and partially chewed pieces of sandwich that you didn’t realize were partially chewed (awesomely delicious surprise…gag).  But it sure is nice when you get some real food for lunch, even if it is scarfed down in bites between picking up the banana you just cut up for your one year-old off the floor.  (Guess what, she didn’t want more food after all….)   

Which is why I was so looking forward to lunch the other day.  There was leftover chicken alfredo in the fridge for me (real leftovers, not the pre-chewed, previously saliva seasoned ones).  As the children settled into their food, I could not wait to get to that fridge and pop that dish in the microwave.  I  knew there was some fresh parmesan cheese to grate over the top, and oh, it would taste so good.   But in my dash to the fridge I quickly decided that getting the cheese and grater and all out, would take up too much of my precious estimated 60 second lunch.  I pulled out the container and popped off the lid to vent it in the microwave.  You know what?  There, covering the top of those noodles and sauce was a beautiful layer of cheesy goodness.  Mr, Ringmaster, knowing I would eat those leftovers for lunch, grated cheese over the top of them before he went to work that morning. 

Thinking about grating parmesan cheese on a busy mom’s lunch at breakfast time, that’s love right there.

But alas, no leftovers (at least the good kind) today, and I just spend like 300x my allotted 60 seconds to write this post.  Kids are restless, time to go.  M&ms and a swig of coffee it is! 



Tea Paties and Baby Dolls: The Circus Gets Girly

ImageNo one will ever be able to convince me that there are no natural gender roles.  We’ve had a tea set and kitchen set since my oldest boy was small, never has it gotten so much attention as my 12 month-old daughter has given it over the last few months.  We get tea, her brothers get tea, and they’re nearly untouched and forgotten stuffed animal cast offs now get tea.  The baby dolls get fed spoonfuls of imagined mushed who knows what, and they are rocked and patted and snuggled.  The very same were chucked across the room after being dangled by a foot, in her brothers’ toddler years, despite my pleas as a mommy with their siblings on the way to please “be gentle with the baby.”

But that’s ok.  The boys have their tea party moments with her, and she can make a “vroom-vroom” toy car go with the best of them.  But I am so enjoying the girly aspects of play these days.  Here is a sweet a little felt tea and cookie set I made her for Christmas: ImageObviously, I didn’t make the plates and the tea pot, they are brother cast-offs.  But I was tickled with the way they came out, so I put a set up on my Etsy store.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/Takes2Stitches?ref=no-search-results  You can see more pictures there as well.  Next I am on to a doll blanket and pillow.  🙂

Don’t worry, the boys are getting in on the home-made Christmas gifts, too.  I’ve got fleece mittens with an embroidered Dusty from Planes in the works.

Anyone making anything for your own little ones?

Happy Thursday!