Random Observation

I have four kids (that is not the random observation).  I have a lot of this little kid parenting figured out, at least to the point where not much surprises me anymore.  But a few things still elude me.  Like, how can they sit in a booster chair, with a tray and a bib with a fold for catching spills, eat macaroni and cheese, get nothing on their clothes, and yet end up sitting on a quarter pound of the stuff?  Seriously, you pick them up thinking “Wow, easy clean-up today.  Great job, buddy!”  Then you look down at the seat….quarter pound of macaroni.  Check the rear…nothing?  How?  You are sitting on macaroni and cheese, but there’s nothing squashed on your rear end, and no sign you dropped anything.  Are you neatly depositing the stuff at your sides?  I don’t get it.  But every single one of them has done it.  How do cheerios end up UNDER the booster chair pad and seat?  I need a butter knife just to get at them, and even then they are usually stuck forever in an unreachable abyss. 

This ends my random observation.


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