Let’s define “busy” for the readership

Hello folks. This is Mr. Ringmaster, and I *may* have gained access to the blog without the *actual* knowledge of the Ringmaster herself. I apologize in advance, but I’ll bet I won’t get in too much trouble.

The Ringmaster has had this vaguely suggestive backstory about being busy. Those who frequent this blog know that she is a busy stay-at-home-Mother of four, and that’s anticipated to be enough to figure out what “busy” means.

It’s not.

First of all, a bit of a step back in time; the Ringmaster has made mention of working on speech with Circus Boy #3, but she hasn’t really explained what this means. Circus Boy #3, she figured some time ago, was a bit behind in his speech development. She proceeded to contact anyone and everyone who could possibly help. Fast forward nine months or so, and she has three appointments with various specialists during each week. So, the normal busy-enough-already life of a stay-at-home-Mother of four is interrupted on three separate days by an hours’ worth of varying therapy sessions each. Let’s not forget that she works with him extensively on the lessons they learn during these sessions.

I’m not done.

She also teaches violin lessons out of the house. She now has three per week and has turned away the last few inquiries. So, add to the above confusion the preparation and teaching of three separate students in three different stages of learning the instrument.

Did you think that was all?

She teaches at a local home school co-op once per week. It works out to be roughly four hours from driveway to driveway. Remember, this is a stay-at-home-Mother we’re talking about, and she tows Circus kids #3 & #4 with her. So, to recap, thus far, we have three private lessons per week, three specialists for Circus Boy #3, and four hours at a home school co-op (we’re up to something like ten hours of work per week for this “stay-at-home-Mother”, for those keeping score at home).

Did you just say ‘Thus far’? You mean there is more?

You betcha. She’s not lazy, ya know.

She just took on a freelancing gig, where she spends something like 10-15 hours per week developing worksheets (and yelling at our new computer) for a school in her ‘free time’. Oh, and once they resume for the new year, she also is one of two parents on a committee for the school where Circus Boys #1 & #2 go during the day. This isn’t your average PTA meeting; they are trying to plan the development of the school for the next decade or so. That’s another two hours per week. That’s a minimum of 22 working hours per week for this “stay-at-home-Mother”, who has no Nanny, no daycare, and no help until Mr. Ringmaster (that’s me!) brings Circus boys #1 & #2 home from school in the afternoon, and “help” is being generous.

She’s also expected to carry out potty training for Circus Boy #3, plan meals and groceries for the house, clean, cook, and all of the other normal things that go on in a household during the day.

So hopefully this gives you a little perspective into the daily grind over here at the Circus. The next time the Ringmaster cheerfully writes “Things were busy today”, you’ll know that she really means it.

Now tell her not to yell at me for breaking in to her Blog!

-Mr. Ringmaster


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