Circus Confessions: What Mommy did…


I may have hidden some of the chocolate the children got at their Christmas parties.  It may now be gone.  I also may have had more coffee.


It is also possible that I gave my one  year-old a vanilla cream cookie before lunch, as a result of her loudly expressing her displeasure that I was not able to make a sandwich and cut up oranges at the speed of light, and all with one arm (because she wanted to be in the other).  Additionally, it is also possible that the vanilla cream cookie is all she actually ate, as who wants peanut butter and jelly after you have eaten a vanilla cream cookie.  I may have had diced up peanut butter and jelly for my own lunch.


S'(ome) More: Circus Classics

My boys love campfires.  No, they don’t sit around the fire and chat, watching the glowing embers and relaxing. (We save that for after bed time…along with a beverage or two…Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me….if you know me, you are laughing now.)  No, they enjoy one thing about campfires, the S’mores.  They were introduced to this delicacy by dear friends of our on last year’s trip north.  Circus Boy #1 even invented the York Peppermint Patty S’more at that time.  Which is, as the title implies, a gooey marshmallow on top of a peppermint patty and sandwiched between two graham crackers, instead of the slab of milk chocolate. 

Anyway, on this year’s trip north our friends again sugared our children (we told them it was ok).  They have the extra sugar variety of marshmallow roasting sticks, which allows the user to toast two marshmallows at once over the camp fire.  Then of course both marshmallows are stuffed with the desired hunk of chocolate into the S’more sandwich. 

After enjoying one of the sticky bundles, Circus Boy #1 asked for another.

“Sure,” I said.  After all, we are on “vacation.”  (If one can call a 2,000 mile road trip with four little kids a vacation.)  “But just use one marshmallow.” 

“Ok,” he says.

Our circus friend, Mr. David, fixed Circus Boy #1 up with a marshmallow on a roasting stick. 

“I need a marshmallow on that side,” said CB1 pointing to the empty tine. 

“Mommy said one marshmallow.”

“Oh yes, just one marshmallow…………oh yes, just one……on each side. See?”

We assured him that was not what I had meant.

“Can you put the chocolate on the cracker for me?”

The chocolate was placed on one piece of the two grahams waiting to do their sandwich duty.

“On each side?”



Can’t blame him for trying.



Circus Funny: lunch cake

Driving home from school:

Now boys, I need you to be extra good today.  Mommy has a student coming for a lesson this afternoon so we need to have lunch, clean up and get right to rest time.

Ok, Mommy!

Get home: Circus Boy 2:  sees lunch, (PBJ, fruit smoothie pouch and bunny grahams) and throws self on floor “BAAAAHHH.  I don’t like it!”  Great so much for the whole being good thing…

Remove CB2 from table.  “Come back when you’re not screaming.”

“That makes me sad, I’m mad at you!”

“Ok.  You made yourself sad.”

“I just not going to eat anything.”


“I just not going to do anything.”

“That’s fine.”

“MMMEEEEHHHHH, BBAAAAHHHHHHH”  (that’s whining sounds, if you didn’t catch that).

Once he decided to zip it, go to the table and eat his lunch, Mommy spied the leftover coffee in the pot.  Big sigh.  Pour, microwave a cup.  Pull out leftover chocolate cake from mother’s day.  Put slice on plate.  Heh heh.  Its a chocolate cake for lunch kind of day.  (I’ll eat a yogurt later, promise!)  🙂